Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tea Party Stamp Club!

Here is the Stampin' Stampede.  Teacups in hand - pinkies out!  : )

As members arrived, they assembled their valentine projects
and then made a Tea Party Hat.  Sorry about the blurriness (again!)
Here are some random photos of everyone working hard on their projects and hats.

The hats were made out of newspaper - with masking tape around the circumference
of the person's head and then the edges were rolled up.  They were decorated
with silk flowers, tulle, ribbon, and lace. 
I got the idea from someone on Pinterest (love that place!) 
Here is Jess, our hostess, with a couple extra hands helping her form her hat.
And here is Jess wearing her beautiful hat (and a bouquet!).  Very nice!
Below is Stephanie - Love her hat and the tulle 'tails'!

This next photo doesn't do Kalie justice but her hat was really cool. 
It was kind of square at the top - so it looked like a 'Mad Hatter's Hat'! 
Very fitting for the event!

Super picture of Amy below - she's got the look with the tip of the hat!
Sharon had some awesome lace tails on her hat!  Cute, cute!
Some photos of the do-dads on the table.  Everyone got a 6x6 scrapbook page
for a placemat, and a heart with a Tea Time Trinket to keep.

The little words scattered everywhere ended with 'tea':
 sportea, serenitea, opportunitea, possibilitea.....

Cute group!  The hats really made the event. 
At one point, we were all eating and chatting and
Rhea says, "Look at us!", referring to our hats, and we all burst out laughing. 
Speaking of Rhea - SOMEHOW she escaped from having a close up photo with her hat! 
She's the second person on the left in black with the pink hat.  : )
Below are all the prizes up for grabs before the dice game began.

The next few photos are kind of a blur - because things were moving fast as
everyone tried to roll doubles in dice and steal prizes from each other.


And one last group picture - with hats and teacups! 
Thanks for a fun time ladies!