Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mini Heart Boxes!

Here are some little heart boxes that I made with the Heart embosslit. You may have already seen them on SCS - they are so CUTE and little! They are the perfect size for a little chocolate heart for Valentine's day but could be used for any occasion. A photo further down with my hand shows you just how small they are. I have not found a free tutorial on these yet so I had to 'wing' this.

I scored a line on the cardstock used for the side, folded it and used sticky strip to adhere it while shaping it around the curves of the bottom heart. I then added a thin strip of cardstock in a coordinating color with two-way glue on the outside. On the Concord Grape and Pear Pizzazz heart box, I scalloped the edge of the strip to add a little interest.

I didn't know what would work the best for connecting the top to the bottom, so I tried a couple of different ways. The pink and chocolate chip heart box has a small piece of ribbon attached to both with sticky strip.

The Pear Pizzazz (green) heart top is not attached but has a couple of braces on each side to keep the top from sliding off. I like this method better because it lays flat whereas the ribbon is difficult to position so it doesn't sit sideways.

Below is Ben and Greta. I can't help but sneak a few puppy pictures in here. They are 4 1/2 weeks old and we know we will only have them for a few more weeks until we can find homes for everyone (want a puppy?) so we are enjoying them now. The boys have a lot of fun with them.

And the rest of the crew. They are hungry and ready to come out and eat.

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