Thursday, December 30, 2010

Puppy Update!

This little blue swimming pool was our puppies' first home but after 2 weeks they outgrew it and had to be moved to something with higher sides. This morning when our son walked in, there were 7 pups out of the pool laying on the floor, so we felt they needed a new home sooner rather than later!

My hubby just built this new home for the pups today. They even have their own window!

Nap Time! (actually, it's always naptime unless it's lunchtime)

See the pup with the white spot on his head? That's Elvis, named by my son Ben based on Elvis' white suits : ) Anyway, Elvis is the one puppy that we can easily distinguish from the litter. The rest look very similar to each other!

Here's mama Maggie. Taking care of eleven pups is a big job!

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