Saturday, September 1, 2012

Volunteer of the Year!

This post isn't stamping related but I wanted to give some kudos to someone very special to me. 

My mom was recently awarded the distinction of being Polk County's Volunteer of the Year!  This is given to a person who has been nominated by others in their community for outstanding volunteer contributions.

My Mom has volunteered for many things such as Meals on Wheels, numerous occasions for church and has spearheaded and organized the thrift shop at the Embassy in Fosston.  This undertaking includes collecting donations of clothes and household items and selling them at a twice monthly rummage sale at the Embassy.  The proceeds go to hold events there such as bands to play for dances and Bingo.

Below is a photo of Mom, Dad, me, and Arlen (one of my older brothers) after she received her award at the Fertile Fair.  This picture was taken only a week before my Dad was hospitalized in Rochester.
My son Ben was also there.
Last week Mom even got to be in a parade in Crookston because of her award. 
This was really exciting for her and us!  : )

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