Saturday, February 20, 2010

February Stamp Club

I know, it's about time. I've neglected my blog this week.
Shame on me!!
Here's some pix to enjoy:

Holy Moly!! This paper shoe was made by Stephanie. It wow'ed all our club members! It was made from a template she found on Splitcoast or someone's blog and is the perfect size to hold a small bottle of lotion. What a fun gift to receive!! It's hard to believe that this shoe is one piece, even the flower on the front is connected and "hooks" together to make a full flower.

Here's another view of "the shoe". I'm gonna have to try making this. Here's an idea clubbers- if everyone gets the template - maybe we want to do this as the project exchange next month....?

This is a collection of all the stamp club projects that night. Some pretty cool stuff! Thanks to Sharon - the project exchange theme was to decorate or make a container for some lotion/body wash tubes. She was nice enough to supply everyone with the lotion. Thank you Sharon!

Again, my camera only lasted a couple of pictures before the batteries were dead. I wanted to take some more individual pix but couldn't. I've got to do something about that!! Anyway, there's a top note box (gotta love that top note!), covered toilet paper tube (yeah! go green!), and various cute little boxes.

This is a picture of one of the birthday bags. Each month if there's a birthday, I make some sort of a bag to put their b-day cards in that club members make. This is the Sweet Pea DSP covering a lunch bag. Very easy to put together!
Happy Stamping!!

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