Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rag Quilt Purse - Done!

I finally finished my first rag purse! I've been obsessed with this for a while and I had some time this weekend to get'er done. It is made with fabric, 100% cotton batting, and the clear scallop square die cut for (what else?)the BIG SHOT! You can cut up to 8 squares at a time! Sure beats doing them by hand - not to mention that the scallops would be impossible by hand anyway. Angie Juda from Chick'n Scratch was the inspiration for this. She has a cool video with all the details, even tho I changed mine a little bit.

Notice the unique button? It is from my aunt's button jar. She passed away a couple of years ago and I think this is a nice way to remember her. In this picture, you can also see a close up of the seams AFTER it was washed and dried. They really did fluff out. Kinda fun.

Here is a picture of the rag purse BEFORE it was washed and dried. It was stiffer and had a "cleaner" look to it, but no "fluffed out" seams.

This is what it looked like with just 6 of the scalloped square sandwiches sewn together.

Here I have the front and back laid out with the bottom and sides running through the middle. At this point I sewed the 7 squares together in the center and then sewed them onto the front and the back, then up the sides.

And the bag without the straps and closure. If you look closely, you can see a pocket that I added in the back center on the lavender piece. It was pretty easy, I just sewed it in with the other layers.

I even stopped at the fabric store today and bought some more fabrics in pinks and browns for other projects with the scalloped square. Fun-Fun! I have ordered the big scalloped circle die cut too, so when that arrives, I'll have even more possibilities.

Oh - the obsession!

Happy Sunday!

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