Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fabric Flower Pins!

What a great picture! This is of Val (center) our hostess, and Pam and LaReatha sporting their new flower pin made with the flower folds die cut for the Big Shot! I have another photo of a mom and daughter duo with their flowers - but I didn't get permission to post it - so I better not until I ask...

Here's more! I love all these flowers - many of them used the same fabric print but in different combos. The above flowers were made by Cadie, Sharon and Kristen.

Wow! This black and white one by Jess is gorgeous!! And below is the purse she also made that matches the flower!

Rhea has been busy! She made a cool purse for herself and for both of her little girls. Check out the ladybugs! Below is the flower she made to match it.

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