Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flower Fold Die Cut

I've got a thing for fabric lately! These flowers are made with the Flower Folds die cut which includes 4 different size flowers. These flowers just use 3 of the sizes but you could use all four if you'd like. It's pretty interesting how these are made. I wouldn't have guessed that there are 12 flowers making up 3 distinct layers. Each layer has 4 flowers that are folded in half and then are "woven" amongst each other.

It may be easier to visualize how these are put together when you look at the back. See how they are woven under and over each other? At this point you would add the pin to the back with a hot glue gun. Does this fabric look familiar? Yup! it's the same as the purse I made a while back.

I could put the pin on the purse or I could use it for something else. It's nice that it can be moved around and used with other items.

I hope to get a couple other projects posted this weekend - such as a cell phone holder using the Top Note!

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