Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wedding Envelope

My club members will remember this wedding card we made last week. Well, after everyone left, Stephanie commented that she wanted to make a matching envelope and wondered what to do because there isn't much stamping on this card. We started thinking about it and Stephanie came up with using the rose embossing folder to match the bride's dress!

What a great idea - after a few practice runs we perfected it. We slid one side of the embossing folder inside the open envelope (the side with the raised design) and then ran it through the Big Shot. One thing we learned was not to run it all the way through because the envelope got crinkled towards the bottom edge of the envelope where the end of the embossing folder is. So - we only ran it through as far as the end of the rose design and then backed it out (crank the handle the opposite way ) to avoid the extra crinkles.

It's no secret I LOVE matching envelopes! And this is a totally new way to match!

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